Which Processor Is Best: Intel Core i5 or i7?

Are you in the mood to buy a laptop or desktop? Are you confused about which processor to choose, Intel Core i5 or i7?

Then this post will be helpful for you. Before buying a laptop or desktop most of the consumers research the best type of processor. Mainly two types of CPU are available on the market that are Intel core i5 and Intel Core i7. They both have a lot of similarities. So, it is very difficult to pick one between them.

What is the function of this ‘Core’?

As the Core level increases the price starts increasing i.e. Core i7 is more expensive than Core i5. If you compare between these two undoubtedly Intel Core i7 is better for multitasking, works related to web designing, editing, gaming purpose and for performing other necessary tasks. As the price difference is very close, it’s better to choose an i7 processor for your PC or laptop.

Before buying, go through with the online configurator and check if your PC or laptop can afford that configuration or not. On the other hand it can be said that the more cores your CPU can support, the faster your PC can perform.

Difference Between i5 and i7 11th Generation

Intel Core i5 processors are useful for all purpose chips. Besides, it provides remarkable performance for gaming, web browsing and mild work. On the other hand Intel Core i7 processors are the best option for those users who demand high level games.

Which one to buy i5 or i7?

According to users, the Core i5 processor is more than enough for the day to day tasks. It performs well in case of gaming too. Almost all software of Adobe performs very well in the i5 processor but for better experience i7 is the best. For some specific tasks i.e. video and audio editing i7 is appropriate.

On the contrary, the i5 performs very well in the case of playing games, browsing the internet, using various types of software like Adobe Photoshop etc.

Which one is better for a laptop i5 or i7?

In the case of laptops Intel has two i5 processors i.e. i5 1130G7 and 1135G7. These both have four cores and eight threads. On the contrary, the i7 has three processors i.e. i7-1185G7, i7-1165G7 and i7-1160G7. Like i5, these also have the same core and thread counts. The only difference in these processors is its clock speed.

For thin and lightweight laptops Intel offers its Tiger Lake H35 chips where ‘H’ indicates high performance and ‘35’ indicates 35 watt TDP. But among all laptops is the i7-11375H processor which has four cores, a boost clock of 5GHz and eight threads. In this range you will get i5-11300H. Though it has less cache than i7s and its clock speed is low.

Which one is better for a desktop i5 or i7?

First of all, i7 is better than i5 in every aspect, but remember that speed is not everything. In most cases, you will not feel the difference between the two processors. You can get an i7 if you can afford it. In other words, you don’t need to upgrade unless your budget allows it.

Intel provides the 11th gen Rocket Lake platform. At present three main i5s are available on the market i.e. i5-11400, i5-11500 and i5-11600. Among all these, the i5-11600 gives you a lot more opportunities than the rest. Though these processors are not self-sufficient and have some shortcomings too. But the i5-11600 seems to be a monster CPU for games and Adobe software.


After reading the whole blog I hope you will get an overview regarding these processors. But you’ll see the difference between these 2 while using production applications like video editing, transcoding, etc. 

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