The Untold Truth About Vin Diesel’s Partner: Paloma Jimenez

People who have seen Vin Diesel, the popular actor and producer, with his partner Paloma Jimenez have been left puzzled. Who is this woman? Why does Vin Diesel refuse to talk more about her?

How Vin Diesel met Paloma Jimenez

According to certain sources, Vin Diesel first met Jimenez in 2005 in Colombia when she worked as a model. Apparently, Jimenez represented a Colombian clothing brand. Jimenez has long passed the age of 20 but she made headlines when she was still in her teens, as she dated American actor Hayden Christensen. Jimenez and Diesel met again in 2008 when they met in Miami for a photo shoot. She accompanied Diesel during a visit to Europe.

Who is Paloma Jimenez?

Who is Paloma Jimenez

Although her name sounds American and with all the fame and fortune Vin Diesel has, the woman he’s been linked with has quite an unconventional background. This includes getting fired from an awful job with a supermarket. The 30-year-old blonde bombshell was born in Madrid, Spain, to Mexican parents. She has her BA in Communication from the University of California at Los Angeles. As a child, she was very into gymnastics and excelled in the sport. She then earned a bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre at the University of Washington in Seattle. Paloma was reportedly offered a role in the Broadway show “In the Heights” but declined, citing that she felt she would not be right for the role, according to Radar.

The Untold Truth

If you’ve ever seen Vin Diesel on social media, it’s safe to say he’s active on all forms of media. The Guardians of the Galaxy star has posted countless of pictures of himself on Instagram with his equally sexy girlfriend Paloma Jimenez, including a recent ‘Fall Asleep’ picture that might be the cutest thing you see today. Vin has also been spotted out several times with Jimenez, seen enjoying their times on the beach or in the park, which is an ideal time for Vin Diesel to shower Jimenez with love and kisses. The pair appeared to be very comfortable together. The fact that Diesel and Jimenez, who was once seen at the red carpet with a heavy make-up, are rarely seen together may be a bit suspicious to some people, but it may just be a little fight for privacy between the two.

What Is Next for Paloma and Vin Diesel?

The couple have been dating for about 5 years, having been introduced to each other by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Jimenez is a Spanish and Italian actress and producer. Jimenez was born on July 5, 1989. The 26-year-old Jimenez has been a model for some years. A few of her latest shoots include the Los Angeles magazine, CoverGirl and Maybelline. “The story of a couple’s love as it grows and their dreams get fulfilled. See their relationship from different points of view,” a preview at the profile for the Los Angeles magazine read. “Seeing a movie by yourself is like sharing a slice of life with someone else,” she explained about working on her own movies. Jimenez explained that working with an actor can be scary. It can be difficult to combine business with pleasure.

Why Paloma is good for Vin Diesel?

Paloma Jimenez is Vin Diesel’s partner. She has been with him for over 10 years and She is good for Vin Diesel because she is very professional and has contributed to his success as an actor. Vin Diesel has been one of the world’s finest actors and to have someone to support him, especially in his personal life is necessary. Paloma Jimenez has done that and much more for Vin Diesel. They have been together for a number of years and I would say they are a good match.


There are a number of mysteries surrounding Vin Diesel’s partner Paloma Jimenez. The questions about her identity are as confusing as the existence of an answer. Vin does not talk much about her and she is referred to as “the beautiful” in most of his interviews. All the pieces of the puzzle fall together in an unlikely and unlikely way. Paloma Jimenez, the woman with whom Vin Diesel has been rumored to be engaged for months now, is an unknown person with a few ventures in the background. Her name seems to be that of an actress, a model, and a designer. She has almost no following on social media, although she is very active on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It is safe to assume that she is French and a professional actress.

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