loom wifi extender setup

Loom WiFi Range Booster Predominant Issues? Troubleshooting Tips

If an individual uses a loom booster/extender to boost the range of their existing device, then this is the finest solution. Because it completely works with any network router & other networking devices. It works in the WiFi dead zone & entirely eliminates this dead zone in your home.

But a few times, the individual of the range booster faces major issues, and then it does not amplify the wireless range. Don’t panic about the predominant issues, this tutorial is for you. In other words, this tutorial will help to solve the various issues of the Loom WiFi range booster. Moreover, the Loom range extender expands your strong and reliable signals in all corners of your home. 

Besides, the advanced 3D antennas are also built-in on the Loom range booster. These antennas boost the wireless range in every corner of your home. To completely amplify the range of your Wi-Fi host router, you have to complete the loom wifi extender setup. There are multiple ways to complete the setup of the extender.

You can follow the Wi-Fi Protected setup, Web-Based interface, & mobile app setup ways for setup. By adopting the one way, you can reliably perform the setup.   

What are the Predominant issues of the Loom WiFi Range Booster?

Basically, the loom Wi-Fi range extender is usually used to amplify the range of your existing WI-Fi host router. Because with the Wi-Fi router, the user is not competent to get the signals in every room of your home. Then, for this, the user has to install the Loom extender. But multiple times, the major issue is caused by this extender.

Then, with a major issue, the user will not be able to enhance the wireless range. Before solving some major issues, first, let us know their issue. Because knowing the issue makes it easy to solve them.

  • Loom WiFi extender not connecting to the router
  • Extender not setting up 
  • Login admin panel is not accessible
  • Network of the Loom extender not showing up
  • No internet connection
  • WiFi LED light of the extender blinking red 
  • The default password of the extender not working 
  • Power LED of the Loom extender doesn’t turn ON 

Troubleshooting steps: Loom WiFi Range Booster Predominant Issues

After knowing some major reasons, you are capable of solving the issue. Knowing the issue will make it much easier for you to solve. Let’s get started. 

Confirm the power supply 

If the power LED of the range extender does not turn ON, so for this, you have to ascertain the power supply. Because due to faulty power supply the power of the extender does not turn ON. you have to make sure the Loom range extender/booster is properly attached to the wall power supply.


If the extender is partially plugged into the power, then you need to re-plug the extender. If this power supply is faulty which means it does not receive the power, then you can utilize another power supply. 

Using Ethernet cable for the connection 

For the router and extender connection, you can use an Ethernet cable. Because through the Ethernet cable, you will be capable of establishing a secure connection. To the Ethernet cable connection, initially, you have to select the position of your extender as well as the router.

Then, you have to attach the router and extender’s LAN port by using the Ethernet cable. This cable is to be connected to the port & ready the cable connection. 

Obtain the login admin panel with the default IP address

If the login admin panel is not obtained by using the web address. So, for this, you can ingeniously obtain it with the wifi repeater ip address. To obtain the login admin panel with IP address. Firstly, you have to open the browser and use the address bar.

On this address bar, you have to mention the default login IP. thereafter, you have to obtain the admin panel. By mentioning the login details, you have to log in. 

Change the default password of the extender 

For the tottery and feeble network signals, you can change the default password. To change the password of the loom range extender, firstly you have to log in. Then, you have to go to settings and properly find the wireless setting section. Because under the wireless setting, you will find the password section. Then, through the password section, you can simply change the default password. 

Factory Reset the Loom extender 

To fix all the predominant issues of the Loom WIFi range booster, you have to factory reset the extender. Simply, you have to hold the small pin on the reset button of the extender for 4-5 seconds. After that, the range extender securely resets it.