A logo makes the brand identity and hence is the most important element of a brand. It’s responsible for delivering the message that a brand intends to convey to potential customers. People tend to invest thoroughly in the business. They hope to see it flourishing but end up short on logos budget.

Therefore, they compromise on quality and design. And hiring a professional logo designing firm might weigh down the whole budget that a startup least wants. But the solution to that is not compromising and putting the whole brand at stake. We have something to light up the entrepreneur’s day for their business. Below are mentioned some sites offering FREE logo designs…yes you heard it right free.


Logogenie is a fast and inexpensive online logo design option for small and medium companies. You can choose from over 1000 premium logo templates! The good part is that Logogenie uses Ai to filter the logo templates available in order to give you the best possible match. Their logo maker is very creative and allows you to change colors, fonts, sizes and much more. Download high-definition format files in minutes and manage your logos quickly from your user account.


It is a simple-looking logo-making site that is quite user-friendly. It directly opens up to a step-by-step process directing how you could get a free logo. It also claims 1M+ happy customers and 2-minute fast service. It initially requires you to type in the industry category and name you have determined.

Then it immediately processes to give you several professional logos to choose from. It ranges from minimal to office-based logos along with 2 keywords each to narrow down the choice. It also provides free templates for you to customize with color, font, and symbols, etc.


This design firm believes a good logo is simple, recognizable, and timeless. They hold McDonald’s and Nikes’ simple swoosh to have proved to be timeless. That’s how Canva the free online logo maker offers its customers all the tools required for a logo.

It also eases the no designers with the drag-and-drop option to create a logo from scratch regardless of experience. They provide the services and ensure that you end up with an industry-worthy logo. They help you make it iconic and pixel-perfect with the right colors with access to various tools. What else a beginner could ask for.


A design firm with a motto Do-it-yourself has all to say for your low budget on logos. They want you to have a low-priced customized logo with all the tools available. Instead of making, you spend fortunes over hiring a professional. The procedure is simple and explained well.

You are required to enter the brands’ name, tagline, and templates and there you have a logo generated within seconds. It can be customized for as long as you want with the same easy process. The FAQs provide extra tips to beginners to make their logo stand out. They want the users with new business to genuinely make their brand flourish.


They believe that your logo doesn’t just represent your store but the mission and vision of the company. It’s the logo that customers remember when thinking of your brand. They offer hundreds of professionally made templates for startups to choose from. They help your logo reflect the business idea along with capturing customer attention.

Most importantly it is free to choose from a variety of colors to make your logo tell a story. It claims to be trusted by 14000+ customers with proven feedback. Hence test them out with functional templates and the feasibility they offer.


They say designing the brand with them has never been this easy. They are an online brand identity builder yet helped 13 million+ small businesses. That too with fast, affordable, and simple solutions. They have by far designed 16042597 brands using their vast services with 9+ years of experience.

Their feedback and reviews say a lot about the professional skills they possess. All present under one roof they want you to create magic that is too free of cost. Moreover, they have a section for you under logo creation tips that have categories listed you could take references from totally free to check out.


If we talk about professional design agencies, they have certain measures they take to satisfy their clients. They are not only focused on delivering the work overtime but also on building long-term relationships. This ensures them a long-term trust with the customers hence over time consistent quality work.

They also focus on making your brand stand out in the competitive industry. Therefore, holding market analysis and research. But this well-laid branding is only possible if you have enough budget. But the cost doesn’t entirely determine the quality of the work. The free online logo maker can ensure top-notch work.

It only requires immense research into finding the perfect match for your brand that fits perfectly. It should follow all the criteria required for a brand that becomes its timeless identity. The different sites do vary in the style they possess and how flexible they allow for logo customization. Well in some cases professionally made templates can too be sufficient enough. But the importance of the logo has been emphasized both ways.

It boosts your brand by:

  • Seeking all the customer attention
  • Creating a strong impression
  • Make people remember you.
  • Reflecting professionalism
  • Building relationship of loyalty and trust

Hence this determines the logo is at least something to be compromising over and truly needed for the brand to come alive.