Best Test Automation Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Best Test Automation Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Mobile app testing plays a crucial role in determining the performance of the app. It allows developers to ensure the app is bug-free and doesn’t contain any technical error that hampers the mobile application’s functionality and launch it successfully. App testing is important to ensure the mobile applications meet customer expectations. And testing automation tools are empowering them with advanced app testing features and developing a flawless app. 

Test automation not only eliminates manual effort but also improves the efficiency of mobile app development and saves a lot of time and money. If you are also looking for the best test automation tools, our in-house developers have crafted the below list to help you choose the right test automation tools for your app. 

Best Test Automation Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Best Test Automation Frameworks for Mobile App Development

1. Appium

Appium is the best test automation framework. This is an open-source framework which is used in hybrid and native app testing. This testing tool allows mobile app developers to run different test scenarios using the WebDriver interface. QAs can use Appium to make test scripts in various programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and C#. Appium uses the reuse of its source code for both iOS and Android. Thus, it decreases the time and effort of the app development.

Key features

  • Compatible with various programming languages 
  • Cross-platform code
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Don’t  need source code access

2. Calabash

Calabash is one of the best test automation tools which is built and maintained by the Xamarin team. It allows developers to write and implement automated acceptance tests for apps. Flutter app developers widely use Calabash because it supports automated testing for cross-platform development. 

Key features

  • Support both Android and iOS
  • Cross-platform development support 
  • Simple test script

3. Robotium

Robotium is one of the popular test automation tools. QAs can write easy test scripts for Android using the tool. Robotium allows developers to write different types of test cases such as functional, system, and user acceptance. It has the capability to make automated black-box test scenarios. 

Key features

  • Built for Android apps
  • Rapid test automation with GUI components
  • Easy-to-write test scripts

4.  Espresso

Espresso is the popular test automation framework by Google which allows you to create and deploy UI tests for Android applications. In mobile app development, testing UI component matters a lot. Therefore, Espresso is widely used for UI testing automation. It allows developers to create a test case scenario and record how they perform on a device. 

Key features

  • Intent validations
  • Synchronized test executions
  • Create simple UI cases

5. UI Animator

UI Animator is highly useful in cross-app functional UI testing. It has a set of APIs to execute interactions on users all well as system apps. This testing automation tool is suitable for creating automated test scenarios based on black box-style where the test code doesn’t need the app code. 

Key features

  • Its library is maintained by the Google community
  • Support only Android mobile apps
  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Cloud-based test management

6. SeeTest

SeeTest offers a wide client library to create test automation scripts in various programming languages like Java, C#, Perl, and Python. This test framework is among the best test automation tools in mobile app development. It supports testing for iOS, Android, Windows, and other mobile OS platforms. 

Key features

  • Support image and object-based recognition
  • Has own reporting mechanism 
  • Allows the same script to be used on multiple OS 

7. Flutter

Flutter is Google’s UI SDK which allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications. It offers extensive support for the automated testing of a mobile app. It is the best tool for testing the cross-platform application. Its hot reload features allow developers to make changes in the code on emulators or real devices in real-time. Flutter is a great development framework that can help you build high-quality apps, therefore, you should hire best Flutter app developers who are expert in writing test cases for Flutter apps. 

Key features

  • Single codebase
  • Hot Reload feature
  • Separate UI


Mobile app testing is important to ensure the app is free from bugs or any potential error that may hamper the performance of the app. And test automation tools can assist you to detect all kinds of possible errors in the app and make it fully prepared to launch in the market. Here, you should check which framework has the suitable features that allow you to perform different sets of test cases. 

Mobile app development is a complex process. To ensure you achieve the goals through your app, hire a professional mobile app development company. And MobileCoderz could be the perfect tech partner for this purpose.  We use modern development frameworks and advanced testing tools to build a high-performing mobile application. If you are interested in developing something best.