Mor Shapiro Biography – Her Relationship & Net Worth

Mor Shapiro is the wife of Ben Shapiro. She is the supportive and caring wife of a leader in a movement to change the world – many people would be envious of her, but not her husband because he knows she’s allowed to have an opinion that is separate from his own.

Not only does she support her husband but every day she demonstrates through actions what an outstanding wife she is by being more than just a dating partner. She’s also a brilliant mother! She has two children with her former partner, who lives elsewhere for now, but this hasn’t stopped the happy couple from co-parenting together.

The kids are young and energetic and Mor takes care of them with care and responsibility like the good mother that she is. She also supports her husband wholeheartedly in everything he does… even if means standing against their children’s other parent! 

Who is Mor Shapiro

Mother of two, Mor Shapiro has had an eventful life. She is a graduate of Wellesley College. While at the college, she acquired experience in journalism. Either way, upon receiving a Master’s from Oxford University, she became a writer for various magazines such as The Huffington Post, Vogue, Slate and New York Magazine . Today, Mor Shapiro continues her successful career as a journalist. 

While working for The Huffington Post as a writer, she also delved into the field of photography to earn money. She decided that it was time to start and build something of her own – which later happened to shape out to be Mor Shapiro’s first book.

Who is Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is an American political commentator. He is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School. He is also a graduate of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Los Angeles, California. Shapiro is the Editor-In-Chief of He has been a nationally syndicated columnist since age 17.

He was the number one Jewish news contributor on the internet before starting his website. He is the author of Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, published in November 2004, which made The New York Times Best Seller list among others.

Shapiro is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate and a contributor to The Daily Wire. He is a former columnist for, a conservative news, opinion and commentary website. His columns have been published in major newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Chicago Sun Times, The Dallas Morning News, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Jerusalem Post.

Shapiro is a frequent guest on national news shows. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and an honors graduate of UCLA. Shapiro is the son of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother.

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Her Personal Life

Mor Shapiro was born as Mor Toledano in 1988 in Herzliya, Israel. Her early childhood was spent in Israel, but she moved to Sacramento, California when she was 12. She did her major in psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles and later attended David Geffen School of Medicine.

During her time at UCLA’s a cappella group, she performed with other singers who did songs like “Ain’t No Sunshine” or “Hit the Road Jack,” but admits that while they were a great source of entertainment they couldn’t get in front of a real audience to let them hear how far their talents advanced after all their hard work.

As her favorite TV shows are ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Friends,’ Mor sometimes binge watches them on days when she gets free time; although, if pressed she would confess that musicals like ‘Wicked’ and ‘Pippin’ provide more enjoyment overall.

Relationship with Ben Shapiro

Mor Shapiro and her husband, Ben Shapiro, began dating after meeting at a Temple in college. Mor had previously studied at the University of Florida while Ben was studying at Harvard before they both ended up going to Pepperdine University. The couple got married on July 19th, 2008 two years after they first started dating and eventually moved to California from DC where Ben worked as a political commentator for Fox News until he announced his resignation in June 2015. They have been blessed with a baby girl named Leeya Eliana since 2014 whom Ben has mentioned how incredibly brave she was for enduring labor for 26 hours before giving birth!

Her Networth

Ben Shapiro’s wife has a net worth of $400,000. This is Mor Shapiro’s net worth. Her husband, Ben Shapiro, is not as rich as her. However, she is the author of three books including Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth. She earned a net worth of $400,000, according to media reports.

She runs a charity, according to the Daily Mail, Shapiro is a co-founder of the Palestinian charity Justice Justice. Founded in 2009 with financial support from her husband, charitable award grants and various other philanthropic activities. Her husband said Moore helped him run the charity. She received the diploma with honors. Moore has a bachelor’s degree in communications. She has also completed several management certification courses.

Mor is not active on social media

Despite being the wife of a well-known political commentator, Mor Shapiro does not have a large presence on social media. Not many people know that he is a writer and poet. Here you can see a collection of his poems. Her marriage to Ben Shapiro started on Facebook. It’s true that Mor Shapiro is a huge fan of Facebook and Twitter.

But you’d be surprised to know that your husband didn’t know this before he met him. On the other hand, Ben doesn’t know who Mor Shapiro is until he is offered. But as usual, he didn’t fall for her on social media platforms, but because of her seductive personality. SHe only shared photos with Ben Shapiro’s children. It is true that Mor Shapiro has a husband and he is busy enough to live his public life.

Controversies & Scandals

In 2015, Mor Shapiro’s one year old daughter Leeya Eliana underwent a surgical procedure to correct atrial septal defect (ASD) for which she required open heart surgery. Unfortunately for Mor, her husband weighed in on the controversial political subject of health insurance and mentioned in his typically rambling thoughts on his Facebook podcast called The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro that he disagreed with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who had recently had his son Billy undergo heart surgery.

Kimmel, who hosted the ABC late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time, held up a photo of Billy alongside a photo of Leeya Eliana side by side as an example of people who need access to affordable health insurance.*

Kimmel spoke about the issue in May 2017 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel has been among the most vocal critics of the GOP healthcare bill, which sought to replace Obamacare (Obamacare required all Americans to purchase insurance or pay a penalty), and he has also called out other Republicans​ ​for promising to repeal and replace Obamacare while simultaneously failing to present a detailed plan for doing so.

The fight went on for months as Kimmel insisted that he was willing to debate Ben on the issue. Ben agreed, but James refused to do so. In February 2018, Kimmel made a slight at Ben by indirectly saying that most TV talk show hosts are liberal because it requires intelligence (something he implied Ben didn’t have). Ben responded saying Kimmel’s comment was “so smug” and mentioned Jay Leno as an example of a successful TV host who is conservative/center-right and libertarian.

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