Live Chat Vs Chatbots: Benefits for Your Business

You have never had it so good as a customer. Almost everything you wish to purchase, be it groceries, a taxi ride, a hotel room or take away food, is literally at your fingertips! An app on a smartphone or a computer can help you purchase what you need from the comfort of home. This is made possible by the ease of access we enjoy in obtaining high-speed internet and devices to make use of it.

This availability of technology for customers to gain access to support in real-time for their questions and technical issues has led to the development of conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is a marketing strategy that allows businesses to engage website visitors in one-on-one personal interactions. This makes responding to questions in real-time 24/7 easier, which further improves lead generation and sales. In addition, through live chat services and chatbots, conversational marketing enables brands in any industry to connect with customers in the digital space.

Intelligent businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and providing better customer support is a great way to do this. But which option is best for your company? Chatbots or real-time chat? This blog seeks to look at both these options and help you make an informed decision for your business.

Benefits of Chatbots

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No Human Intervention Needed

Chatbots do not require human intervention. Instead, you set up the software, input the basic queries and responses, and the bot handles the rest.

Handling High Volumes

Chatbots can handle high volumes without a hitch. The software can tackle heavy traffic effectively.

Quick Reaction Time

Chatbots can provide near-instantaneous responses. They search for and send the pre-programmed answers to your customer’s questions. Of course, the response will be limited, but the customers will not have to wait long for a response.

Chatbots, however, are not ideal for all situations. What are the downsides?

Limited Answers

Chatbots can answer only specific questions. Therefore, a typical chatbot cannot answer the questions as effectively as a well-trained live chat agent can.

Lack of Human Feel

The feedback when talking to a chatbot is very different from when talking to a live chat agent both in breadth and depth of the communication. As a result, customers can get frustrated talking to a chatbot.

Specific Inputs Needed

Most chatbots need precise inputs for answers to be given. This can cause issues for the customers if they need answers for questions not fed into the software. It is also very time consuming to set up and maintain.

Benefits of Managed Live Chat

Here are some of the distinct benefits of using a managed live chat platform on your website:

Provide a Real-World Human Connection

The support representative will not leave the customer’s side in most live chat environments until the problem is resolved. Chat representatives may also go above and beyond by providing incentives or coupons to enhance the interaction. The customer’s live chat service experience can be made a positive one through effective engagement.

Handling a Wide Range of Requests

Customer Live chat support will answer and solve a broader range of questions and problems more effectively. Where chatbots are constrained by the requests you program in, live chat agents are only constrained by their overall knowledge of your products and services.

Enhanced Communication Quality

Managed Live chat services with a trained person will outperform chatbots until advanced machine learning and AI are implemented. Customers can customise their interactions with live chat, which is not limited to a basic set of questions. Nothing beats having complex requests quickly resolved by a support team while you are talking to them.

Live Chat requires the agent to multitask more. A well-trained Live Chat agent can identify more urgent conversations and route them to the right team, reducing support time.

Studies have shown that a significant majority of customers choose a brand based on its ability to provide friendly and excellent customer service, especially when they need help before, while, or after the buying process.

To help your customers out, the support you’re providing them with should be tailored according to their preferences. As instant response tools, both Managed Live Chat and chatbots help retain customers’ attention and interest, contributing majorly to converting website visitors into paying clients. This empowers your marketing and sales strategies and increases ROI.

Though the expenses of implementing managed customer live chat services are more than that of a chatbot, it is offset by the fact that Live Chat increases conversion rates by at least 45%, effectively making them a more profitable investment.

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