Is Composite Bonding Suitable For You?

In the last few years, people follow the trend of latest cosmetic dentistry and composite bonding creates the buzz! Patients use composite resin for giving their smile a major transformation in most cases. 

It has the ability for mimicking the shiny natural sheen appearance of enamel. Interestingly, with good care and maintenance it can last for 10-15 years. It never deems for tooth enamel reduction while appearing much better than porcelain veneer. 

A dentist can carry out the entire procedure saving your teeth, time and money simultaneously in the long run. It is high efficient in contrast to other cosmetic options like porcelain veneers, crowns and bridge. If you want to know can anyone get composite bonding then continue reading this blog. It entails the dental conditions which make you eligible for composite bonding.

Benefits of bonding

Before we delve directly into the considerations which make you suitable for composite bonding here is the sneak peek of its perks: 

  • Amending, shaping and polishing are possible
  • Deems for little-to-no preparation of the teeth or enamel damage
  • Less number of dental visits 
  • Provides natural look of the mouth and teeth
  • Cost-efficient

Do you have lots of anterior filling and crowns?

In case you have already numerous existing restorations then it is not suitable for you. Although there are some latest bonding techniques which stick to the resin yet the dentist can’t guarantee the bond strength on other materials (ceramic or porcelain). 

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In such situations, you need to replace each existing restorations and opt for better one to boost your dental appearance and shade. The newer one is translucent and offers natural and subtle result. 

Do you have crowded or crooked teeth?

Are you thinking can composite bonding fix crooked teeth? Then remember, it is worthy to cover up some crowding degree. But you can face trouble while compromising shape and size of the teeth. Often it appears like peg or squeeze. 

For severe crowding you have to opt for cosmetic orthodontics as you have no other option. Reducing the crowd to some extent allows the dentist plenty of space to carry out the bonding to deliver subtle result.  

Are there gaps and spaces within your teeth?

Bonding is perfect for filling general spaces and random gaps. For excessive large spaces, it can impose adverse effects leaving asymmetrical teeth in the end. It is cost-saving and wonderful option for correcting mid-line diastema.

Are there uneven, broken and chipped edges?

These are the spaces where bonding excels brilliantly. The handcrafted bonding which cosmetic dentists make will place precisely and discretely. Even the procedure is so precise that no one can notice there is additional dental work. Sometimes, this process combines with the orthodontic to deliver best outcome for uneven smile and imperfections. 

Whitening is not possible for composite bonding

After placement of bonding, you cannot change its shade using any whitening treatment. At that time you have to take proper care of the shade of nature teeth so that it matches with colour of bonding. It is better to lighten the shade of the tooth after having bonding treatment. Unfortunately, you cannot alter restoration shade at all.  

Or else you can undergo tooth whitening treatment before the bonding too. Remember that the process should finish a day before your appointment for cosmetic bonding. 

Often after attaining the shade you want it drops some shades right away. You can seek the remedy with additional top up treatments. Accelerated whitening treatment is there available for you too. But you have to assure your happiness with the colour of natural teeth before undergoing restorations with matching shade. 

Wrapping up

Considering a few criteria you can benefit from this treatment. Overall, composite bonding is right option for the patients desiring for perfect smile. Consult with the dentist at St. Albans Dental Clinic to know how much for composite bonding you can get. Schedule an appointment today!  

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