Common Plumbing Issues That May Affect Your Business

Plumbing problems are a nightmare for business owners, small and large alike. No matter what the repairs entail, it always seems like too much time is wasted. While many plumbing issues can be solved quickly and efficiently, other problems might result in long-term damage or serious health issues. To save you time and money in the future, be sure to watch out for these common commercial plumbing issues:


Leaks are one of the most common commercial plumbing issues. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaks waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, adding up to approximately 10,000 gallons per year in the average commercial structure. 

Leaks can cause considerable damage to your business. In case of a leak, contact your local plumber as soon as possible to prevent the problem from escalating – the longer you wait, the larger the problem area will become.

Clogged drains

When clogs occur, it can affect your business and lead to other plumbing problems. Clogs can be caused by just about anything from grease build-up to hair, leaves, and other debris from bathtubs, toilets, kitchen sinks, and more. Commercial pipes run a very high risk of becoming clogged because of how many people use the toilets and other plumbing fixtures in a building. A professional plumber can help get drains flowing freely again, and ensure that your business isn’t held back by a slow drain.

Sewage odors

When sewage backs up into your building, an unpleasant ‘rotten egg’ odor can permeate throughout a building and be embarrassing to you and intolerable for your occupants. Sewage issues don’t just cause unpleasant and unhealthy odors; they can contaminate your water supply, damage walls, ceilings, and floors, and even attract pests such as cockroaches, house flies, and rodents. 

Odor problems are usually a direct result of poor plumbing, trap seal loss, or improper installation. To avoid this plumbing problem in your commercial property, you shoul invest in routine plumbing maintenance. 

Hot water issues

There are many problems that can arise with hot water in a commercial setting. Your building may not be receiving enough power, or there may be a problem with the water heater. You might also see discolored water and sediment buildup in your hot water pipes. Commercial property owners should work with an experienced service technician who knows how to troubleshoot these problems and provide the right solutions.

Book a professional plumbing service today

When your business is plagued with costly plumbing issues, you’re at risk of losing precious time, money, and resources. With a professional commercial plumbing service, you’re always in good hands. A licensed plumber will be able to prepare quickly to fix any commercial plumbing issues that may arise. From managing a clogged drain to pipe repair, plumbers will have the tools and experience to solve your problems safely and efficiently so you can get back to business. 

Choose a date and time that works best for you, and book your plumbing appointment today. Trusted and fully insured plumbers will get the job done right. Call the pros now!

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