10 Best Refer and Earn Apps in 2021

In today’s market, refer and earn apps have grabbed the attention of many customers. They are easy and quick ways to achieve instant benefits. You can earn a fine amount of money just by referring and sharing these apps with someone you know. And there also are some apps that provide you with instant e-wallet cashback if you download and sign up to all of their important principles; while some of them help you earn free data and coupon recharge. 

The Refer and Earn apps are based on the ethics of advertising and marketing combined. They rely on ads to attract users to download the apps. You are gifted with bonuses and cashback on your first signup and if you promote it in between your peers and relatives, you receive earnings and it increases as more people use your reference and connect with that app.   

Below is the list of the top 10 best refer and earn apps that provide you with money when you send a single invitation to your family and friends: 

  1. Google Pay 

It is one of the most popular apps across the world that allow you to earn up to 100 referral awards by inviting new people to become Google Pay users. Once the referred user makes their first payment, the award is received by both the referral and the new user. And every new user gets a single referral award once they install the app for the first time. 

  1. PhonePe 

The PhonePe app allows the referrer to earn Rs. 100 cashback when their referred user includes their bank account for the first time through the UPI on this app. This offer is valid for the first five successful referred users only. 

You can always read their list of terms and conditions before installation and referrals for a complete understanding of their schemes. 

  1. Paytm 

Another one of the popular apps out there, it comes with a wide range of referring and earning benefits. You get to earn up to Rs. 25 whenever you refer Paytm to your friend and they can win up to Rs. 50 cashback after they complete their very first UPI payment using The Paytm UPI option. To follow the procedures properly, you can just quickly go through their set rules and conditions for the same. 

  1. Pocket Money 

Pocket Money is an android app that lets you earn pocket money by downloading apps and referring them to your friends. The more they will complete the offers and refer the codes with you, the more you get to win exciting cashback. 

  1. Upstox 

It is one of the greatest ways to promote and earn money in simple ways. You receive Rs. 1000 in cash for every friend you refer and they get to receive Rs. 1000 as brokerage credit. All it requires is for you to place at least one trade and send the 4-digit referral code to your family or peers. It is an extremely fast and simple way for anyone to earn easy money by referring others.  

  1. OYO Rooms 

The Invite and Earn program by OYO helps earn OYO Rupee. For every user who checks into the app using your referral code, they receive an instant cashback of Rs. 300 OYO Rupee while you get to receive Rs. 350 OYO Rupee when they check out of the OYO room. And for every two successful referrals, you as a referral can earn Rs. 700 OYO Rupee. There are terms and conditions available on their website to helpfully guide you for availing of the scheme. 

  1. Earn Talktime 

The Earn Talktime app is one of the most used platforms that provide simple and handy offers and ways for the users to earn interesting gifts and reward cashback by successfully referring different people. And this is also one of the highest-paid apps that lets you earn up to Rs. 150 for every successful referral. And with every signup, you are awarded an instant Rs.15 bonus from the ETT & Unlimited Earning Also. 

  1. MyTeam 11 

Another very popular earn and refer app, allows you to earn Rs. 1000 with every successful referral that you make while your friend who joined through your inviting code is awarded Rs. 100 as a cashback reward. And as another bonus, your friend can also complete their verification process of email address and mobile phone and avail an extra of Rs. 50! 

  1. LimeRoad 

This Online shopping app provides numerous references and earns options to its users. For every referral that downloads the app using your link, you get instant Rs. 20 cashback and when they place their first order, you are again benefited with Rs. 80 as a money bonus in your wallet. It comes in handy when you want to invest the discount option in your next purchase option on the Limeroad app. 

  1. OneAD 

Through the OneAD app, you can expect to earn around thousands of Rupees per month through refer and earn and recharge benefits. There are many levels through which you can further increase your earnings and bring in more active users to double your cashback. Through the use of active users and referrals, your earnings on this app can increase up to 2.5 lakhs as well. Genuine and easy, OneAP is easy to install, use, and refer to your friends.  

These were some of the best refer and earn apps that have been proven beneficial in 2021. There are other apps as well that earn you money but always be sure to verify forgery and online thievery before you rely on any monetary granting app. Stay updated and be alert to keep yourself away from fake advertisers and data hackers. 

And we hope that this list will prove to be useful for you! 

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