11 Reliable Internet Service Providers Available in Bakersfield, CA

The internet has become one of the most basic necessities of life. No more can a person spend a single day without access to the technology that facilitates travel, work, shopping, entertainment, and countless other aspects of human life.

This begs the question, “which internet service provider is worth subscribing to?” There are numerous internet service providers catering to the people of the United States. However, not all of them deliver on the promise of high-speed internet and reasonable monthly rates.

Fortunately for the people of Bakersfield, CA, we have got the answer. We have compiled a list of some of the finest internet service providers catering to the residents of Bakersfield, CA. The list below contains different internet technologies, mainly broadband, satellite, and fixed wireless. Read below to decide which internet service provider and which technology will best serve your needs in Bakersfield, CA. Without any further delay, let’s get started.


First and foremost, you would be delighted to know that the most prominent internet service provider in the United States, AT&T, is also offering its internet service in Bakersfield, CA. With this internet service provider, you may opt for either AT&T Internet — a hybrid-DSL connection — or AT&T Fiber — a fiber-optic connection.

AT&T Internet can enable you to access download speeds as high as up to 100 Mbps, depending on the region you are in. However, the upload speeds on this connection are quite shy and you may experience upload speeds only as high as up to 20 Mbps. Still, the temptation of accessing a generous monthly data allowance and dedicated AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots, make it worth considering.

When it comes to AT&T Fiber, you may access download speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps. And since this is a fiber-optic connection, you may enjoy the same upload speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. However, the exact internet speeds in your region are subject to regional availability.

The service provider also offers several amazing bundling options. You may opt for either Double Play or Triple Play bundles that enable you to enjoy a TV and phone service along with your internet connection. And all this at highly reasonable rates as well.


Next, you might consider the internet services offered by Spectrum. Spectrum is among the few internet service providers in the country that is accessible in more than 40 states. With Spectrum internet, you may access download speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps.

However, since it offers access to a hybrid fiber-coaxial network, the upload speeds are capped at 35 Mbps. Though you may still enjoy fiber-like download speeds capable of supporting the heaviest of internet activities be it streaming, surfing, or gaming.

Another tempting thing about Spectrum Internet is that it enables certain households to enjoy decent internet speeds at relatively cheaper rates. And this is made possible thanks to the Spectrum Internet Assist program. The plan comes with specific criteria, and only low-income households that qualify for it may enjoy this service.

Spectrum also provides access to amazing bundled deals but with a twist. Spectrum bundles comprise its TV, internet, and phones services; and you may choose the internet speed tier, TV channels, and premium networks as per your needs and budgets. 


EarthLink is another internet service provider catering to the needs of the people of Bakersfield, CA. The service provider offers both DSL and fiber-optic internet services, but they are subject to regional availability.

Ideally, EarthLink internet speeds go as high as up to 1000 Mbps. And if the connection you are subscribed to is fiber-optic, then you may expect to access the same figure as your upload as well. Moreover, EarthLink also keeps its subscribers free from irritating data caps and teaser rates. No matter how much streaming, binging, gaming, or surfing you may do, there will still be ample data left for others to benefit from.

Even if you subscribe to the most basic internet plan offered by EarthLink, you may expect to access download speeds as high as up to 50 Mbps along with the same upload speed if it is a fiber-optic connection. This level of internet speed is sufficient for small households where the internet usage is not that intense.

EarthLink internet subscribers will be required to enter a contract though. The contract will last a period of 12 months, during which they shall not experience any price hikes. And in the rare case that a subscriber wishes to cancel their contract, they shall be liable to pay an early termination fee.


Fortunately, DSL and fiber-optic internet are not the only technologies available in Bakersfield, CA. The people in the city may also enjoy the amazing satellite internet services offered by HughesNet internet.

Though, this form of internet connection will not offer the same mind-boggling internet speeds as a DSL or fiber-optic internet connection does. On your best days, you may access humble download speeds as high as up to 25 Mbps, meanwhile the upload speeds are capped at 3 Mbps. And again, you need to remember that exact internet speeds are not a guarantee; they are subject to regional availability.

Another thing that you need to understand about satellite internet technology is that it greatly depends upon weather conditions in a region. Since the signal is transmitted wirelessly from satellites orbiting in space, harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms and blizzards can affect the network’s performance. In extreme weather, you may experience slower internet speeds or lose connectivity altogether.


Xfinity internet is also among the valuable internet services accessible to limited residents in Bakersfield. If you happen to be among those lucky few, you may expect to access download speeds as high as up to 1200 Mbps, which are further backed up by humble upload speeds.

In addition to offering blazing-fast internet speeds, Xfinity also offers several additional benefits that tilt the scales in its favor. A few of the most prominent of them include a dedicated Xfinity mobile app, ample monthly data allowances, and official Xfinity equipment for safe internet usage.

Xfinity bundles are also one way to go as they allow you to enjoy a sensational TV service as well, along with your internet connection. Xfinity TV enables you to enjoy a TV channel lineup of more than 200 vibrant TV channels belonging to all sorts of genres. 


Another satellite internet service that is accessible to the people of Bakersfield, CA, is Viasat. The biggest competitor to HughesNet internet, this service provider offers access to download speeds as high as up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 12 Mbps.

However, the added potential of internet speeds is subject to bigger price tags and sudden price hikes. And again, you would have to consider the impact of weather conditions as this is a satellite internet service.

Though, if satellite internet is the option you prefer, Viasat and HughesNet are your two best bets. 

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Next, you could turn to the internet services offered by T-Mobile. Unlike several other internet service providers in the country, this ISP offers 5G internet service for residential usage. And Bakersfield, CA, is among those lucky cities where this facility may be enjoyed.

Unlike mobile 5G, this technology is specially designed to be used at home. Thus, a specialized router and modem come with the plan that provides you with connectivity. Moreover, this form of internet is not dependent upon phone lines or cable. Instead, the router is powered by LTE and 5G technology that enables you to enjoy wireless connectivity throughout your home.

Starting at a minimum monthly price of $50, this internet service allows you to enjoy unlimited monthly data and download speeds that go as high as up to 115 Mbps. Furthermore, you may also add a subscription for YouTube TV to your plan and get a wholesome entertainment package.

Ultra Home Internet

Then you have the fixed wireless internet services offered by Ultra Home Internet. Fixed wireless internet is primarily suited for people living in rural areas. Fixed wireless internet is a high-speed internet option that transmits the signal from the main access point deployed nearby. Though, the transmitter must have a clear line of sight of the receiver for users to enjoy the full potential.

Ultra Home Internet provides such services that allow users to access download speeds as high as up to 100 Mbps. The plans, here, come with NETGEAR® Orbi™ modems and routers, thus ensuring that you have a smooth internet experience at your home.

Moreover, the service provider does not bind the subscribers by any restrictive contracts. However, this internet service does not come with any bundling options. So, subscribing to a TV or phone service will require you to explore other options simultaneously.

Applied Technology Group

Another local fixed wireless internet service provider available in Bakersfield, CA is Applied Technology Group. This internet service proves to be a valuable option when there is no other high-speed internet service serving at your Zip code.

Though, the internet speeds by this internet service provider are restricted at a maximum of 25 Mbps. And you can only imagine the upload speed that would come along with it. This option again will not open you up to any bundling possibilities. For accessing a content-rich TV service, you would still need to look elsewhere for a subscription.


The next fixed wireless internet service that could be considered for the people of Bakersfield, CA, is unWired. This internet service provider has vast coverage in the city and could be subscribed to easily.

With this internet service, you can hope to access download speeds as high as up to 30 Mbps. And the upload speeds, here are quite shy, as they max out at 5 Mbps. The features to look forward to, here, are things like unlimited monthly data allowances, freedom from hidden charges, in-house support. At times, if and when you face any struggle with the network’s performance, the team at unWired will be readily available to resolve the matter for you.

KV Wireless

Next, you have the fixed wireless internet services offered by Kern Valley Wireless (KV Wireless). KV Wireless offers four distinct internet plans only two of which allow you to enjoy decent internet speeds at home.

The first is the Residential Basic plan that allows you to enjoy download speeds as high as up to 6 Mbps. With this, you may also access upload speeds as high as up to 2 Mbps. While these may not be mind-bogglingly high speeds, they are still sufficient to support decent internet usage for small to medium-sized homes.

The next is the Residential Plus internet plan. This plan enables users to access download speeds as high as up to 10 Mbps, along with an upload speed of 3 Mbps. Both these internet plans are free from any form of bandwidth caps or speed throttling. So, you may enjoy your streams, games, and surfing lavishly.

How to Subscribe to These Internet Service Providers?

There is an easy way to subscribe to most of these internet service providers instantly. All you need to do is hop on to the BuyTVInternetPhone platform. There, you would need to enter your Zipcode and the platform will present you with the available internet service providers in your area. After that, you just have to choose the plan that you want to subscribe to. It is as simple as that.

All Things Considered

These are all the internet service providers catering to the residents of Bakersfield, CA, in 2022. While some may be slower than others, all of them can be a valuable addition to your home. So, now it is your turn to explore the plans offered by each internet service provider and choose the one that best serves your connectivity needs at home.

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