10 practical tips for writing essays in English

Essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks for a non-native speaker. It’s not only about writing an essay, but also about writing a good essay. There are a few different types of essays and each type requires a different approach. The tips we are listing out would help you write an essay of any type in a more effective and better way.

It’s a challenge to write an essay in the English language. Students often put off the task to the last moment and then struggle with their grammar, punctuation and spelling. This blog tackles many of the problems beginners face and offers 10 practical tips to make your writing more successful.

1. Create word lists

This is an interesting way to write your essay. First, choose professional essay Writing a topic and write a thesis . The thesis is the main theme of your essay. For example, if your topic is reading, your thesis might be “Reading Makes You Smarter” Once you have written your thesis, think about your main theme and find the words that refer to it in different ways. Then expand your list with words that aren’t strictly related to your main theme.

2. Act like a reporter

When you are first assigned the topic, go ahead and explore the possible options for your thesis. Ask questions. Get curious. The more questions you ask before you start writing, the more information you will need to put into the essay.We can evaluate an excellent essay when it includes a lot of content in a short text. This way of acting as a reporter will help you use proper language, provide you with resources and a vocabulary with which to start the writing process.

3. Create paragraphs

A paragraph is the opening sentence that summarizes the text of a part of an article. You can make them ahead of time to assist you with remaining on subject when composing your essay.For the postulation “Perusing Makes You Smarter”, the section could be: “Papers make you more mindful of recent developments”. Another paragraph could be: “Reading plays and classical literature will make you more cultured” luxury furniture in india. If you are writing about the three main problems facing writers today, you can create three individual paragraphs about how to approach each of them.

4. Argue both aspects

If you need to write a longer or more complex essay, it may help to outline both sides of the subject before you start writing. When writing the essay, you will only need to focus on one aspect of the topic. As you work it out, having a list of the most important points can be helpful in developing your thesis.Also, by arguing in the opposite aspect to your opinion. You will know the subject better and acquire more vocabulary to enrich the essay.

5. Read backwards

Showing good grammar is difficult even for advanced learners of English. Since you are learning English, you actually already have an edge. Many native speakers learned grammar incorrectly from the start. It’s hard to forget those mistakes after a lifetime of misspelling.As you learn the English language, try your best to practice grammar and sentence structure. One way to spot grammatical errors in your writing is to read each sentence backwards (start with the last word and end with the first). That way, you won’t be fooled by the sound of the words when you read them in your head.

6. Use a thesaurus and a dictionary

You may have learned a lot of interesting words write my Dissertation online uk by studying for an entrance exam. Before using these new words in your essay, make sure you know their meaning. In this case a dictionary can be useful to you.A thesaurus is another valuable tool when writing an essay. A thesaurus lists synonyms or words with the same or similar meaning as the word you searched.

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7. Combine and separate sentences

Once the essay is written, reread it thoroughly to find sentences that seem too long or verbose. Divide them into two or more sentences.For example, the following sentence is too long. Consequently the meaning is unclear:“If you want to write in another language, you need to practice writing in creative ways, like writing on a blog, writing fun poems or texting a friend who speaks the language you’re learning every day.”If you want to write in another language, you need to practice writing creatively, such as blogging, writing funny poems, or texting a friend who speaks the language you are learning day in and day out.

8. Ask a native speaker for help in correcting your essay

Meet a friend who speaks English well (or at least better than you). He can correct your essay and notice repetition errors. If you find mistakes that you make often, be sure to memorize that mistake so you don’t make it in future essays. This friend will also be able to point out grammatical or spelling errors that you may have missed. If you don’t have friends who are fluent in English, you can use lang-8.com . In return, you will correct the texts of someone who learns your native language.

9. Reread the entire essay with your friend, then rewrite it

When you and your friend have reviewed the essay and marked errors, write it all over again. This step is very important. Just noticing mistakes won’t help you learn how to avoid them in the future. By essay writing with corrections in mind, you will learn to write these passages correctly. This way you will remember the correct use of the grammatical form or spelling of a word and it will be more likely that you will spell it correctly next time.

10. Use online applications

Finally, there are some great online resources professional Report Writing uk that can help improve your writing. For example, the Hemingway Editor can review your document to find gimmicky or long-winded sentences. You can rewrite them to make them easier to understand. You might also go to Essay Punch to find resources and tools that can help you improve your writing skills. Grammar Book is a great resource with which you can practice grammar and spelling.


Now that you have read the above blog post, you may be able to find some useful tips for your essay writing. If you have anything in mind that you want to know more about, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you like our blog, please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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